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Monday, September 25, 2023
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Write a letter, change a life

Write a letter, change a life

For the second year in a row, activists from across Prince Albert are putting pen to paper as part of a worldwide movement to end human rights abuses.

Dubbed “Write for Rights,” the annual Amnesty International campaign encourages residents to write letters to in support of 11 different causes, including one here in Canada.

Council of Canadians spokesperson Nancy Carswell said every bit of support is encouraging, and that’s particularly true in the age of email and social media.

“Anybody can send an email,” she explained. “It’s short and quick, but to physically sit down and write out a letter … and then mail it off, that has more weight than the email.”

Carswell said activists are seeing more success through written letters because politicians and governments seem to take them more seriously. Emails and phone calls have their place, but letters carry have more weight to them.

“(Politicians) know that if the person took the time to send the letter, it’s a much bigger issue,” she said.

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