‘I will get your families’: man sent to jail for threatening police officers

Saskatchewan Provincial Court in Prince Albert, where Harris was sentenced on Thursday. Herald File Photo

A man came before a Prince Albert judge Thursday and pleaded guilty to threatening the families of police officers in two provinces.

Morgan Sewap was sentenced to five months in jail for uttering threats in Abbotsford, B.C., and Denare Beach, Sask. He is still facing an outstanding charge for forcible confinement in Prince Albert, dating back to March of this year.

In April, 2016, police were investigating a knife assault in Abbotsford. Sewap, who was not involved in that incident, matched the description of a suspect. The officers were familiar with him, prosecutor Gail Douglas told the court. When they found him in a park, they believed he could be armed.

“Mr. Sewap said he had no knife and did not comply with the officers demands,” she said. “He took off his jacket and rubbed his knuckles, which they construed as a gesture of violence.”

Police succeeded in handcuffing Sewap and placed him under arrest for obstruction. At that point, he spoke up.

“He said to both officers,” Douglas read, “’I’m going to make house calls. I will get your families. Karma is a bitch. Wait till I get out and there are no cameras.’”

Sewap was later put on a probation order, and relocated to Prince Albert. Then, he turned up in Denare Beach, near Flin Flon.

On the 30 of May, the Creighton RCMP were called on a complaint against Sewap. When they tracked him down, a search turned up a 14-inch knife. The officers placed him in the back of a police car. Again, he spoke up – and began whistling.

“Mr. Sewap was making what he called odd noises,” the prosecutor said. “He then said he’s going to kill the officer’s family.”

The officer turned on an audio recorder and, in Douglas’s words, caught Sewap “chanting some rather unusual things.”

“You better say goodby to your mom. She’s going to heaven. I put my life on that. You better say goodbye to your family. They’re all going. I put my life on that. I’ll sacrifice my life,” she read.

“When I get out of jail I’m going to give up blood for that… Do you hear me officer? You will lose your mom, your dad and your family members.”

In imposing his sentence, Judge E. Kalenith gave Sewap 21 days credit for time served. Sewap will return to court on June 15 for the forcible confinement charge.