We need to get back to understanding treaties

Under whose authority and whose authorizing all our resources being taken? Swampy Cree Cumberland House Band members are not benefiting from our jurisdiction.
Can you buy votes from band members? It has been a common practice of the Cumberland House Cree Nation. There have been reports going around about buying votes by offering money and liquor to members. Is this not illegal? They then get refunded by the band for the money they gave or the things they bought.
We are requesting our currency to come to the signatory Swampy Cree Band. There is too much corruption through the government funnel. The fat cats benefit not the members, its awful, and its members are just industries.
Who negotiated the EB Cambel Damn in 1962? It destroyed our environment and economic development and our livelihood. Our lakes and rivers are gone. Our fishing and trapping have been significantly affected because of clear cutting. The Metis have no legal right to negotiate on our lands. There was no CHCN, only the signatory Swampy Cree who was here all-round Cumberland. We never gave consent.
Who sold our reserve Canadian lands? We request to know who negotiated and who bought our reserve.
The crown Federal Government is supposed to be our trustee. They have failed in providing their fiduciary obligation to the Swampy Cree Band outlined in the original treaties. Members are questioning about our land sales and Scripps.
Finally, it is time we rethink the use of the word “Treaty”. Unfortunately, because of federal and provincial governments policies of extinguishment, treaty has come to mean the surrender of aboriginal title and rights, but it doesn’t have to. There is a long history of treaties in Canada based on peace, friendship, respect and reconciliation. We need to get back to that understanding of Treaty.
Hereditary Chief William Seaway
Chief Mike Dorion