Valerie’s Voice in La Ronge

It’s amazing, after more than two years of sitting home watching Netflix, how busy life has become over the last few months!

With the recent explosion of book publishing by local writers, I’m wishing for the stay-at-home time to return so I can curl up with a good book.

I haven’t purchased as many books since my ministry days, when I spent every spare cent on books. I became addicted to the book sales at meetings and gatherings. It has led me to have a pretty good library. But, lately I’ve run a close second!

A similar thing? I still don’t have time to read them all.

Maybe it’s time to give up Facebook, but … then, I don’t know what’s happening around the community. Another catch 22 situation. Life seems full of those.

I have read bits and pieces of some of the books I’ve purchased.

 I finished the Late Harold Johnson’s book, The Power of Story on truth, The Trickster and New Fiction for a New Era. I couldn’t put it down. It’s beautifully crafted and weaves a story of that made me think. No, it’s not a mystery; it’s life changing.

I remember times when I first came to La Ronge and Harold’s law office was next to The Northerner. I would go over and we’d talk writing. I treasure those memories now. I’m digesting this wise, courageous book.

I’ve read Miriam Körner’s Fox and Bear and love it.

I’ve started to read both Ken Carrier’s and Nancy Lafleur’s books, opitmōtēwiea wina kapagamawāt wītigōwa/Journeys of The One to Strike the Wetigo and Confessions of a Coyote: as told by Stella Coyote respectively.

And there’s more coming! Myles Charles, Miriam Körner and community, will be at the library on March 18 to introduce their new book, kiyāsko-miniscikos/Seagull Island.

Instead of coming to a stay-at-home to read-a-good-book time, it seems spring is on its way! The sun is lasting later into the evening and the air is beginning to change.

I remember a summer and I was living at a campsite; I was alone for some time. It was a spring I had the opportunity to experience spring close up. I watched the birds with their new babies, the budding and blossoming of the leaves on the trees and much more…

One morning I was awakened with a ricochet of bullet sounds. I rose smartly and rushed outside to see what was going on. Not a brilliant move if it was gun fire, but, thankfully it wasn’t.

The ice was breaking up on the lake. I even watched a bit. It was somehow amazing to me. I still treasure that spring and the opportunities to experience spring unfolding. My only neighbours were the squirrels. I’m not sure what that says!

The board responsible for the camp, came for a workday and made some interesting changes. The cabin had a patio door, which they took a stapler and put screen across, stapling all four sides (or top, bottom and sides)! The squirrels took to climbing the screen and visiting at length at times.

But, here in La Ronge, Spring is probably still a bit of a way off. We are still driving on the ice roads, skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling around – probably for a while yet. Although, you never know. Weather is unpredictable.

In three days, last week, we had -45 and +1, so there you go!