Valerie’s Voice in La Ronge

I started the month out worrying about no news. I remember back in my earlier days in La Ronge with the Northerner that could be true.

Not so now. It’s blossoming daily into much happening across the north. Now I don’t know if I will get to it all.

The other thing that is exasperating to me, emailing. Everyone wants to email and then you never know when you will hear from anyone with a response.

Although people are constantly on their phones, it seems there is no phone communication when it’s actually needed. I much prefer to speak with someone than all this technology.

Waiting for a parcel earlier this week, I was told the local Post Office couldn’t say when my parcel would arrive, which I quite understand. It’s like when I let people know I’m going to something and they want to know all about it.

I have to tell them, I’ll let you know in the paper once I’ve been to the event and find out what it’s about for myself. Right now, your guess is as good as mine!

With the Post Office, I was given a phone number to further try to track my parcels.

I phoned and was given a virtual voice, no human being there, and when I gave the Canada Post tracking number, I was told it was not a valid Canada Post tracking number, and no recourse. I felt totally frazzled by the whole experience.

I am happy to say that both my parcels arrived safely sometime after this encounter.

On another note, since I started this column, snow has arrived!

It’s like a picture postcard when I look out the window onto the lake. I love it. … if I didn’t have to go out on the streets.

I am now driving through the school zones with my flashers on as many drivers don’t seem to notice the difference in the weather and street/road conditions.

I’ve had cars almost slide into me in the school zones, because they are travelling faster than 30 km/hr, which is what the sign tells us is the require speed limit in school zones.

Our school zone speed limit is 24/7 also, which I appreciate, because it’s hard to keep track in other jurisdictions, like cities, of the time of day that one must slow down.

Tailgating is dangerous on so many levels. It is an area many people walk, and may even step out, because there is no walkway, especially in winter, on the roadside, or for other reasons.

If one is forced to slow or stop suddenly and the vehicle behind is tailgating, the chances to stop safely and not be rear ended is greatly diminished. I’m told by a SGI spokesperson tailgating is the main cause for many multi-vehicle pileups.

I’m not interested in being involved in any pile up of vehicles on any street or highway.

Now, I’m wondering if I have a bit of “cabin fever” given the several days of cloudy weather and that we are almost a month past the winter Hump Day???