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Home News Two Miles for Mary organizers grateful for continued support during tough times

Two Miles for Mary organizers grateful for continued support during tough times

Two Miles for Mary organizers grateful for continued support during tough times
Two Miles for Mary -- Photo from the Prince Albert Community Service Centre Facebook page.

Two Miles for Mary raised slightly less in 2022 than they did last year, but organizers aren’t complaining.

While the final fundraising total won’t be known for at least another two weeks, fundraising coordinator Marilyn Peterson said they received $20,416 in donations so far. That’s slightly down from 2021, when the annual radiothon raised $22,086, but Peterson said they were happy with the result.

“The great majority of the funds came from our regular supporters—people who have contributed year after year, and this is the really encouraging part,” Peterson said Friday. “People continue to support us, continue to look at this service as a valuable service in the community, so we’re very pleased with that.”

The funds will go towards funding Seniors Transportation service operated by the Prince Albert Community Service Centre.

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In 2021, the service provided 4,590 trips and 38 medical charters. The cost is $5 for a one-way trip.

Peterson said they’re happy to see people supporting the service, especially since so many charities and non-profits face need funding, and Prince Albert has so many different causes that need support.

“I’ve been doing this job for, I think it’s 16 years now, and I have seen the same names pop up again and again,” she explained. “Certainly every year we will get a little larger donation from a corporation, a business, a large group like a union, etc. They’re really good at supporting us, but it’s these individuals who continue to send in their donations year after year.

“These are individuals who are either living close to a senior or who has a senior in the family or perhaps works in an organization that helps seniors, etc., so these are people who really understand the value (of senior’s transportation).”

Peterson said they expect to be close to last year’s $22,000-mark, but will likely fall just short. She’s not overly concerned with the dollar amount however. As long as the broad base of support remains, Peterson said they’re happy.

“These things go up and down,” she said. “Like any fundraiser, sometimes you’re a little bit higher or a little bit lower. The pandemic, we’re just out of that, but there’s so many demands on peoples’ time and resources. Now that we’re coming out of the pandemic, I’m sure it’s overwhelming.”

Two Miles for Mary was broadcast Sept. 29 on Country 900 CKBI Radio. The City of Prince Albert also proclaimed Sept. 29 as Seniors Transportation Day in the community.

Iris Morris served as the 2022 “Mary” for the Two Miles for Mary campaign. Morris said she was happy to support the campaign, since having a reliable and affordable transportation service is so important for people in the community.

“For myself, I would hardly even go anywhere if it wasn’t for that,” she said. “I thought it was a good thing for people who don’t have any means of transportation.”

Seniors Transportation also receives funding from the City of Prince Albert and the provincial government.