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TransformSK presents 45 calls to action

TransformSK presents 45 calls to action

The largest industry-led public consultation in Saskatchewan’s history has wrapped up and produced a document with eight themes and 45 calls to action to create a more sustainable future.

TransformSK travelled across the province, consulting with individuals, businesses and organizations to create a plan for the province’s futures.

The project, led by five business organizations, including the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce and the Saskatchewan Construction Association travelled thousands of kilometres and visited 14 communities, including Prince Albert, holding 60 consultation sessions in late 2016 and early 2017.

The 45 calls to action were ideas brought up by participants, and include suggestions as simple as relatively benign as defining the long-term role of crown corporations and as revolutionary as piloting a universal basic income.

Now that the report has been put together, the group will form a committee to continue the discussion and work to implement the calls to action.

“We had to take 198 pages of notes from our meetings and distil them down into something a little smaller,” said Steve McLellan, Transform SK Co-Chair and CEO of the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce.

‘The 45 calls to action – that’s still a big piece, but we think they’re doable.”

All 45 recommendations needed to fall under eight guiding principles. Those principles included taking a long-term perspective, looking at outcomes-based proposals, and focusing on sustainable, data-driven decision-making.

“Our plan is to launch a TransformSK council, which we hope will include … a broad cross-section representative of Saskatchewan that can work together to advance some of the calls to action but also ask some of the questions we began with,” said Mark Cooper, the other TransformSK co-chair and president and CEO of the Saskatchewan Construction Association.

To read the full report, visit TransformSK.ca.

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