The Case for Vaccination is Clear

W. Gifford-Jones, MD and Diana Gifford-Jones – Common Sense Health

What helped to shape my career? As a small child I became spell bound when I read Paul de Kruif’s book “Microbe Hunters”, published in 1926. It offers a sweeping history of the earliest microbiologists and immunologists, dating back to the discovery of microbes in the 17th century. Louis Pasteur features prominently as the researcher who discovered how to make the vaccine that neutralizes the microbe that causes rabies. Scientists were producing vaccines to treat many other viral diseases. It became my burning desire to be a doctor.

Vaccines have saved countless lives. This is clear.

Three years ago, my column discussed vaccination. I explained that, as a surgeon, I could never guarantee that operations were 100 percent free of complications. I also stated that several billion dollars had been awarded to families due to severe complications following vaccination. My message was to be informed about vaccination and discuss it with your doctor.

Some critics accused me of being against vaccines.  How far from the truth!  They missed my message to weigh the risks.

For instance, scientific reports indicate that there are complications including deaths from COVID vaccines.  But these adverse reactions are infrequent, and deaths are a very rare tragic exception.  The risk is so, so, minimal versus the risk of dying unvaccinated. So, it is utter madness and so frustrating to see ill-informed people waving signs and blocking entrances to hospitals in condemnation of vaccination.

The Pasteur Institute in Paris is home to Pasteur’s tomb. It is an awe-inspiring experience to read the engravings of his discoveries on the walls.

Fortunately, Pasteur lived to see his success against rabies and anthrax recognized around the world. Moreover, his early discoveries set the stage for finding the germs that cause tetanus, pneumonia, diphtheria, typhoid, tuberculosis, cholera and gonorrhea.

Pasteur would tell thick-headed, anti-vaccine people that prior to this discovery there was no treatment for these fatal diseases. How fortunate that today people around the world can be free of these infections.

My father, dearly loved, always advised me that when annoyed, I was to calm down and wait 24 hours to reply. I’ve waited too long to respond to my critics.

For decades I have written weekly medical columns. I know I have expressed controversial opinions on some social issues. But let me state clearly, I have never been against vaccination and proven science.

I am honoured to be on the editorial board of the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, associated with the International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine. This professional association is comprised of professors, researchers and experts on viral diseases from around the world, and their research offers compelling evidence that to fight this and future pandemics, preventative measures involving daily vitamins and nutrients can arm our body’s natural immune functions.

For instance, I recommend taking 1,000 milligrams of vitamin C three times a day (because it is water soluble and we lose some by urination), plus 5,000 IU of vitamin D, 400 milligrams of magnesium, and 50 micrograms of zinc, all once daily. This combination supports the body’s natural defences against viral infections and is safe, inexpensive, and available at health food stores.

This preventive strategy, along with vaccination, will decrease the risk of developing an infection, and if infected, the risk of complications involving hospitalization or dying.

Paul de Kruif’s book is still available and still a great read.

I hope this clarifies my views on vaccination. As a young child no one could have changed my opinion about the Microbe Hunters. And no critics can change my opinion today.

My message. Get your vaccination NOW!

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