The adventures of Sam and Sara Socks

Vilda Poole

Sam and Sara were sports socks born and paired in a cotton sock factory. They loved each other from the time they were married by the staple machine.

They were packed with other socks in a big box and taken to a sports store.

One day, a young boy bought them and took them home. Their first job was to cover two feet and be stuffed into a pair of shoes. At the end of the day they were hot and sweaty. They really needed a bath.

The boy put them into a washer of soapy water. The dryer came next. Sam and Sara looked for each other but they were hot and dizzy from the heat of the dryer. They were lost in a sea of other socks.

The boy piled them in a big basket and took them to be sorted. Would they ever find each other again?? No. it was almost dark and the boy had lost his glasses.
The hope of finding each other was lost. Sam was paired with a sock with a pink toe and Sara’s partner had a blue toe!

They sadly sat in a dark drawer waiting to find each other.

One morning, the boy’s mother was sorting the sock drawer and discovered the mismatched socks. She rolled Sam and Sara together in a great big hug.

Sam said “I love you Sara.”

Sara said “I love you too Sam! Lets never part again.”

So ends the first adventure of Sam and Sara Socks.