Tender love and care for abused kittens

The kittens soon after their rescue. Arthur White-Crummey/Daily Herald

Bean, Bernie, Bennie and Moe have had a hard start to their lives, but the four abused kittens are on the road to recovery.

The kittens were rescued last month, after a member of the public saw a group of kids tossing them around in a park. Two of the kittens had suffered burns. Liana Maloney, operations manager of the Prince Albert SPCA, is now fostering them in her own home.

“They’ve been coming and going with me, staying in my office,” she said. “I’m getting quite attached to the little guys.”

She said they were “touch and go” for a bit, but now the prognosis looks good. The kittens are on a course of antibiotics, and are still being bottle fed.

“They are healing up and their whiskers are growing back,” she said. “They’re doing good.”

Maloney said the GoFundMe page she set up for the kittens has raised almost enough to pay their costs. So far, the campaign has attracted $1,440 in donations.

“That’s fantastic,” she said. “That’s going to cover the vet costs and the spay and neuter costs for the whole litter.”

The campaign can be found here: https://www.gofundme.com/burn-kittens-recovery-fund

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