Teacher looking to provide voice for Ward 2

Kim Conarroe. Submitted photo.

A Prince Albert teacher wants to improve Ward 2’s representation at city hall.

Kim Conarroe is one of four candidates who have put their name on the ballot ahead of the Nov. 9 city election.

Conarroe has been a teacher for 21 years. She’s a wife, mother and volunteer. She’s lived in the ward for the past several years.

“I felt, and other residents in the area feel, that we need a change in Ward 2 and that we are underrepresented at city council,” she said.

Ward 2 is a large area with distinct neighbourhoods and distinct needs, Conarroe said.

The ward includes residential areas on both sides of the river, the airport and north industrial areas and the downtown.

Hazeldell and Nordale residents, Conarroe said, want “fair and reasonable services, as well as fairness with their taxes.”

Downtown, she added, there is a need to revitalize the area and bring more businesses down to Central Avenue.

As for the ward’s other residential areas, crime and addictions are two of the concerns.

“One of the two issues I’d like to address as a city councillor is helping with addictions and a reduction of the crime rate,” she said.

“Our police force is very overworked and underfunded. We have to help our police force. One idea I have is to begin neighbourhood watches in each neighbourhood open to that idea.”

She vowed to meet with other residents and hear their thoughts on what can be done in the ward.

 “What I want to do as a city councillor is build relationships and build partnerships so we can move these issues forward and get results for residents.”

Conarroe didn’t cite any city-wide issues in her interview, choosing instead to focus on her ward.

“I’m focusing on Ward 2 and making sure Ward 2 is a better place to live,” she said.

“I feel like I have the passion to make my neighbourhood better, a better place to live. I have a drive and I want better things for the senior citizens in this area, for the youth in this area — I want better things for everyone in this area.”

“I would work for the residents of Ward 2 by listening to their concerns and build partnerships to move their issues forward.”

Conarroe is up against incumbent Terra Lennox-Zepp, who works as a lawyer, as well as chiropractor Devin Gorder and business manager Dana Dirks.

The city goes to the polls on November 9.

The last day for nominations is October 7.