Supporting Local is More Important Than Ever

by Directwest

With so many uncertainties facing our province every day, our goal at Directwest, to connect buyers and sellers, has never hit home so hard. The business landscape over the past 12 months has changed dramatically, forcing both business owners and consumers to adapt. As a Saskatchewan-based digital advertising services company, we have felt these impacts first-hand and understand how important it is to support local, now more than ever.

For shoppers, this means making sure our consumer platform, Mysask411 is staying up to date with the latest information on Saskatchewan’s small businesses. From hours of operation to promoting new businesses, Mysask411 is refreshed daily.

For our customers, this means using our social and advertising platforms such as our province-wide digital billboard network (see one of our 20+ boards in Prince Albert at 230-330 Marquis Road) to highlight all the ways consumers can support local businesses as well as making sure they know they can lean on us to keep taking care of their marketing needs. Continuing to build relationships with customers, creating brand awareness and maintaining a strong online presence are crucial to making sure your business continues to succeed. To ensure these are still activities you’re able to do alongside your day-to-day operations we offer tools to help our customers create and maintain their online marketing strategy by giving them the ability to link their online business listings, stay connected to their customers, manage reviews, add ecommerce to their website and more. Consumers have adapted to doing more shopping online, from the comfort of their homes and small and medium businesses need to be able to meet them where they are, and we’re here to help.

Our suite of products and services is a good mix of traditional and digital advertising, but it’s only as good as our team members who make local businesses’ goals a reality, and it starts with our Media Advisors. Advisors like Taryn Svenson, who knows what it’s like to be in her customer’s shoes. As a business owner for sixteen years and a part of the Prince Albert community since 1996, Taryn uses her expertise to help local businesses grow and transition through major change.

It’s not easy being a business owner at the best of times, let alone today, faced with a major shift to the economic landscape. We understand the importance of being able to focus on the aspects of your business that matter most, providing high-quality products and services and excellent customer service.For everything else, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your business!