Staying safe as we swing into spring

It’s spring, or is it? The weather certainly has changed to ‘summer like’ temperatures. This sudden swing, while great for those wanting to get outside, can be a headache for others.

A sudden switch to spring/summer temperatures can increase the chance of flooding, difficult road conditions and thin ice on any body of water. Help us be able to help you with a few important tips.

Now is the time to keep children, pets and us away from dug outs, sloughs, lakes and any body of water. When we see water pooling on the ice surface it’s time to stay off the ice. If you do have to venture onto the ice, and you hear cracking underfoot go back the way you came.

Rescuing someone should be left to the professionals but that may not always be possible. Extend your reach with a tree branch, rope, anything you can toss and pull back towards you. Stay low to the ground. If you fall into the icy cold waters, getting past the shock of the cold is the first obstacle. Then getting out is of critical importance. If you can find some way to pull yourself up onto the ice surface. Next getting warm and dry is essential.

With many students on easter break, we have bikes and boards out all over the city streets. Motorists, please slow down in residential areas. Those using boards and bikes it’s important you have some safety reminders too! A helmet is essential to reduce the degree of injury. Make sure you have a properly fitted helmet. The rules of the road don’t just apply to cars but cyclists as well. Use proper hand signals, ride on the correct side of the road, stop at all stop lights and stop signs and if riding after dark be seen so wear something bright.

Spring signals the increased chances of allergic reactions to dust, mold and other spring events. Your pharmacist might a good first choice to find the relief you need. From decongestants to antihistamines there may be a solution to help your breath better. If you are having trouble breathing and it’s not related to an existing medical condition, consider calling 8-1-1 for some helpful advice. Paramedics are always available when the shortness of breath is unrelieved by over-the-counter products, or your prescribed medications are not helping you feel better. Folks who have asthma might not be a fan of all the new dust and pollens occurring with spring. When your regular medications just are not doing the trick a visit to your family doctor might be in order to easy the discomfort.

Spring is the time went we might start cleaning up the yard or opening out buildings such as sheds that normally are not used in the winter months. When you open these for the first time, let the air flow for some time to ‘air out the place.’ Rodents who might have sought shelter have likely theft droppings. Deer mice can carry hantavirus! A reminder that cleaning out these areas requires us to wear properly fitting masks.

As you enjoy spring, remember that things such as broken bottles, glass or other sharp objects such as needles may become evident. Properly removing them from harming others is not a difficult task. A few simple precautions are required. The Canadian Center for Occupational Safety has some great advice!

Till next time, be safe!