Stanley Mission begins evacuation of vulnerable residents due to wildfire

The Stanley Mission Emergency Operations Centre has started evacuating priority one and two residents from the community due to smoke coming from the nearby McCafe fire.

Emergency Response Officer Maurice Ratt posted a notice of evacuation on Facebook at 11:25 a.m. on Wednesday. The notice calls for all residents with respirator and cardiac conditions to begin evacuating, as well as children under the age of five, and elders 65 and older.

Ratt wrote that the McCafe fire is not a threat to the community, so no general evacuation had been called.

Registration began at noon on Wednesday. Residents will be evacuated to Prince Albert and other cities, according to the Notice.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the SPSA was doing a controlled burn on the northwest corner of the fire. An SPSA update issued at 11 a.m. said Hwy 915 out of the community may be closed from time to time.

The SPSA has type one, two and three crews on the line, along with Emergency Response Team (ERT) members, heavy equipment, and helicopter and air tanker support.