St. Mary volleyball championships celebrated during Catholic Division meeting

Nathan Reiter/Daily Herald. Both the St. Mary Marauder volleyball teams celebrate their victories in the 5A Provincials at the St. Mary gymnasium on Saturday night.

After making history, the Ecole St. Mary Marauders volleyball teams had a special delegation at the Prince Albert Catholic School Division board of education meeting on Monday.

The coaching staffs of Shaun Hunko and Kianne Dallman for the 5A provincial champion girls’ Marauders and Rene Quintal, Nathan Noble and Mark Phaneuf for the 5A provincial champion boys’ Marauders presented the board of education with a framed photo of both teams.

“They just thanked the board for the support for student engagement in our school division,” education director Lorel Trumier said. “It was very touching to the board to hear that response and the accolades being thrown back at them for the work that they have done to really try to support our students.”

The teams won the titles in Prince Albert on Nov. 18 in Prince Albert.

“We know there’s not only the physical benefits of sport, but also the health and well-being benefits that come with the performing arts or the sports or other forms of clubs and engagement and that’s what they were here to thank (us for),” Trumier added.

The two teams are also launching a commemorative t-shirt to give back to the Catholic education community. The sales from every shirt commemorating the historic double gold medal with $2  from every shirt going to the Catholic Education Foundation

“That’s also just nice that they want to give back for the support that they have received in that way,” Trumier said.

The athletes and coaches have also arranged visits to each of the elementary schools to encourage future students to get involved at the high school.

“They wanted to thank them for their support because the schools had made their way to the games on Friday or Saturday, so lots of family and friends,” Trumier said.

“There’s wins and there’s times you’re going to lose and it takes persistence,” she added. “They were real role models to the students in the schools.”

The twin titles, which has not happened for a single school in the province since 1991, was exciting for everyone from the organizing committee, to the board of education and students in the division, according to Trumier.

“They went to thank their coaches and the elementary that had been coaching them for years and started the volleyball many years ago. It was really such a well-rounded and great group of kids, and all of those kids are doing so well in school. (We’re) so proud of those children there.”

She said that the leadership came down from the coaches and that was demonstrated in their presentation to the board on Monday.

“It’s already impacted the students as student athletes because they wanted to go and they want to give back to the community and they want to say thank you to their former coaches,” Trumier said.

The division also posted photos of students returning to their elementary schools on their Instagram account.