St. Mary Safe Grad Committee donates $2,500 to MADD Prince Albert

Michael Oleksyn/Daily Herald (L to R) MADD representives Ilene Cantin, Kaylee Deck, Chelsea Deck, Sharon Fusick, Darren Deck, Class of 2022 St. Mary Safe Grad Committee Chessa Billo, Sophia Zuck, Haley Beauchesne and Lucas Bonneau at a cheque presentation for MADD on Thursday evening.

On Thursday, MADD (Mothers against Drunk Driving) Prince Albert received $2,500 from the Class of 2022 St. Mary Safe Grad Committee at the crashed car display on the way out of Prince Albert on Highway 2.

The two causes worked well together because the organizations both believed in safe choice.

“For the kids, they are thinking about safe choices and making safe choices and bringing it towards us, I think it’s phenomenal,” Darren Deck president of Prince Albert MADD said.

All of the money will be used locally, Deck added.

“We use it for checkstops (and) for supplies,” he explained. “We are having a barbecue coming up, and we will buy some supplies with (the proceeds) and merchandise to hand out to people who come to the checkstops.”

Deck thanks the St. Mary Safe Grad Committee for thinking of MADD, and for setting a good example.

“They are young and they will make the right choices for sure,” he said.

St. Mary Grad Class member Chessa Billo said the class’ parents organized the entire Safe Grad for the graduation in June.

‘Our graduating class is so thankful our parents stepped up to insure we had a fun, memorable and most importantly safe grad celebration,” Billo said. “The goal is to make sure there was no drinking and driving and that there were fewer cars on the highway to insure safety for the graduates and our community.”

The committee started this project from scratch and estimated costs for the event. Billo said they were so thankful to receive numerous community donations, which created a surplus of funds and allowed them to donate to MADD Prince Albert.

“As a class, we are so honoured to be able to give a donation to such an important cause,” she explained. “The results of drinking and driving is so devastating to families. It is so sad and it is such a great cause to donate to.

“We are very proud to support MADD.