Spring scrimmages underway for PA Minor Football

Nathan Reiter/Daily Herald. Sullivan Smith-Windsor (pictured) attempts a pass during a PA Minor Football scrimmage at the Alfred Jenkins Fieldhouse.

Football took centre stage at the Alfred Jenkins Fieldhouse on Friday afternoon as Prince Albert Minor Football hosted spring scrimmages.

The PA Minor Football Senior 9 player spring program features players from Grades 9 through 11 participate in drills and scrimmages three nights a week.

Andrew Abbs is one coach taking part in the instruction. He says it’s a good way to play the game of football when there is still plenty of snow still on the ground outside.

“We’d like there not to be snow right now. We got a great facility here, so it’s good to see both high schools come out and players from out of town come in.”

The Spring Football Senior 9 Player program features players from both St. Mary and Carlton high schools as well as some players from communities outside Prince Albert.

Abbs, who serves as an assistant coach during the fall with the St. Mary Marauder football program, says he enjoys working with athletes from both schools.

“It’s good. I enjoy it. Obviously, they both have a lot of good players, so good players come out. We know who they are. It’s easy to work with them. Both schools have got good coachable kids who enjoy football (and) want to learn so they’re easy to coach.”

The focus on the Senior 9 Player spring program is work on the basics of the game of football.

Abbs says it helps players regardless of which football program they will suit up for in the fall.

“We’re just focusing on fundamentals, so fundamentals, things like getting into the right stance, tackling, blocking all those fundamentals that it doesn’t matter what scheme they’re using from their school, but you can take it and you can apply it. So, scheme not as important as just working on the fundamentals that you can use in any type of scheme.”

The Senior 9 Player spring football program runs until Apr. 28