Six new cases with 18 in hospital in North Central

Tuesday saw six new cases confirmed in the North Central region with three of those in North Central 1, two in North Central 2(Prince Albert) and the third in North Central 3.

No new deaths were reported and 18 people remain in hospital with five of those in ICU.

As of Nov. 9, 48 tests had been done in the previous 24 hours for a total of 52,233.

For vaccinations, 73 new doses were given out with 51 of those second doses. There are now 56,374 fully vaccinated people in the North Central zone and 143 active cases.

Provincial highlights are as follows:

As of November 9, there are 86 new confirmed cases of COVID-19, bringing the total to 78,910 reported cases

The new cases are located in the Far North West (5), Far North East (2), North West (1), North Central (6), North East (1), Saskatoon (20), Central East (18), Regina (9), South Central (3) and South East (11) zones and ten (10) new cases have pending residence information

Two (2) cases with pending residence information were assigned to the North West (from October 16 (1)), and Central West (from November 6 (1)) zones

78,910 cases are confirmed

19,281 cases are from the North area (8,565 North West, 7,913 North Central, 2,803 North East)

18,967 cases are from the Saskatoon area

15,506 cases are from the Regina area

9,660 cases are from the South area (2,120 South West, 2,875 South Central, 4,665 South East)

9,210 cases are from the Far North area (4,316 Far North West, 541 Far North Central, 4,353 Far North East)

5,710 cases are from the Central area (1,402 Central West, 4,308 Central East)

576 cases have pending residence information

1,424 cases are considered active and 76,612 cases are considered recovered

Almost one-third (32.6%) of new cases are in the age category of 11 years or under

About two-fifths (41.4%) of new cases eligible for vaccination (aged 12 years and older) were fully vaccinated

As of November 9, a total of 193 individuals are hospitalized, including 142 inpatient hospitalizations and 51 ICU hospitalizations. Of the 193 patients, 128 (66.3%) were not fully vaccinated.

In addition to SK ICUs, there are 15 residents in out-of-province ICUs. As these patients are receiving care out of province, this number is not included in the hospitalization counts in the dashboard. Since yesterday’s report, there has been one repatriation and two out of province deaths.

One (1) new death reported today. 874 Saskatchewan residents with COVID-19 have died, with a case fatality rate of 1.1 percent.

1,243,308 COVID-19 tests have been performed in the province. As of November 7, 2021, when other provincial and national numbers are available from PHAC, Saskatchewan’s per capita rate was 1,049,245 tests performed per million. The national rate was 1,235,364 tests performed per million.

The 7-day average of new COVID-19 case numbers was 146 (12.1 new cases per 100,000)