‘Silence and Peace’ at Grace Campbell Gallery shows talents of Ukrainian art student

ubmitted Photo Margarite Tymenko’s ‘Silence and Peace’ will be on display at the Grace Campbell Art Gallery until May 30.

Margarita Tymenko has always valued silence and peace, and that appreciation helped inspire her first exhibit.

Tymeko’s show ‘Silence and Peace’ opened Friday at the Grace Campbell Art Gallery in the John M. Cuelenare Branch of the Prince Albert Public Library. The Grade 12 Carlton Comprehensive Public High School student came to Prince Albert from Ukraine in August 2022. She has been an artist for around eight years and shows a natural talent.

“My first painting would be in my childhood,” Tymenko said. “I was maybe 10 years old.”

Tymenko had a setup at the Carlton Band Concert on April 25 which was well attended. It was her first informal display, but ‘Silence and Peace’ is her first solo art show in Canada.

Tymenko is very excited to have her first art show in Canada.

“I have even had dream about it,” Tymenko said.

“It’s actually what I like to do,” she added.

She said the purpose is to make people calm and serene.

“I really love the calm atmosphere, peace of mind, and I paint in solitude, calmness, so I convey to the pictures what I imagine,” she wrote in an artist statement. “I like to walk around the night or quiet city and even in the rain. I also prefer books about ships, about the sea. I love winter, softly falling snow and of course dandelions and flowers cheer me up. All my painting reflects lull and peacefulness.”

Tymenko said she hopes that many people come to see her art at the Campbell.

Her art teacher, Melanie Mirasty, said Tymenko has a wonderfully optimistic attitude, coming from Ukraine. Mirasty said Tymenko has shown a lot of resilience and talent, and hasn’t needed much instruction to blossom.

“As soon as she came to my classroom, as her art teacher, she had this ability,” Mirasty explained. “I taught her absolutely nothing in terms of her ability to create competition and things like creating colour and form.”

Mirasty described Tymenko’s ability as a natural skill.

“I think one unusual thing working with Margarita is how ready she was as a professional artist. Watching her paint was almost watching a master paint like she had been doing it for decades and obviously since her age is only 18.”
Silence and Peace will be on display at the Grace Campbell Gallery until May 30.