Significant increase in enrolment reported in Sask. Rivers

Michael Oleksyn/Daily Herald The Saskatchewan Rivers School Division board of education met at the Education Centre in September

After some final calculations were completed the Saskatchewan Rivers School Division has seen a significant increase in enrolment for the 2021-2022 school year.

Education director Robert Bratvold reported the final numbers at the board’s regular meeting on Nov. 8. The school division projected between 8,550 and 8,900 students at the Oct. 4 meeting. The final total is slightly higher at 8,969. That’s an increase of 559 students.

“That’s a significant growth in our student numbers, even (from) pre-pandemic,” Bratvold said.

According to a board memo, enrolment numbers have not increased this much since the amalgamation to create the division in 2006.

During the meeting, Superintendent Neil Finch reported that the division has hired extra staff because of the increase in enrolment.

“Lots of work went into it by teachers and staff at schools to stay connected,” Bratvold said in October.

There are currently 251 students enrolled in French Immersion across the division and 36 students enrolled in the Cree language program at John Diefenbaker School.

The enrolment at Carlton increased significantly rising from 1,582 students in October, 2020 to 1,737 students. At Wesmor there was an increase from 276 students in 2020 to 343 students in 2021. At Prince Albert Collegiate Institute (PACI) the enrolment grew from 242 students in 2020 to 311 in 2021.

Ecole Arthur Pechey School grew from 352 students in 2020 to 431 students in 2021. East Central School grew from 58 students in 2020 to 64 students in 2021. John Diefenbaker School increased in students from 250 in 2020 to 362 in 2021.

King George School grew from 188 students in 2020 to 238 in 2021, Osborne School saw an increase of four students to 93 students in 2021. Princess Margaret School increased from 192 students in 2020 to 228 students in 2021. Queen Mary School saw a significant increase from 229 students in 2020 to 415 in 2021.

Red Wing School increased from 193 students in 2020 to 201 students in 2021. Riverside School increased from 372 students in 2020 to 441 students in 2021.

Ecole Vickers School was one of the few to see a drop in enrolment with a decrease from 553 students in 2020 to 541 students in 2021. Vincent Massey School saw a significant increase from 321 students in 2020 to 424 students in 2021. W.J. Berezowsky School increased from 281 students in 2020 to 246 students in 2021. West Central School increased by a single student to 94 students in 2021. Westview School increased from 157 students in 2020 to 208 students in 2021.

The Won Ska Cultural School saw a slight decrease from 139 students in 2020 to 102 students in 2021.

Schools outside of Prince Albert also reported similar increases.

The are currently 207 students being home schooled in the division.