Seniorsport program to launch May 9

Seniors Advocacy Centre executive director John Fryters speaks at the annual seniors' gala on March 7, 2019. (Peter Lozinski/Daily Herald)

More details have emerged about a new exercise program for seniors that is already proving popular.

The Prince Albert Seniors Advocacy Centre is launching a new program called Seniorsport. The program will be held twice a month, on the second and fourth Thursday, beginning on May 9. It will be held from 1-3 p.m. with the support of a kinesiologist who is also trained as a physical exercise therapist. The annual membership is $20.

Before anyone can participate, though, they need to undergo an individual assessment by the kinesiologist.

While other exercise programs for seniors already exist, this one will be a little bit different.

‘We are trying to put some science behind the whole thing,” said advocacy centre executive director John Fryters.

“We’re doing a full physio assessment before the program starts and we’re also doing a frailty assessment. We want to have interim reports and final reports on how the levels of physical fitness are increasing.”

Since announcing the program at the annual seniors gala luncheon on March 7, Fryters has received a lot of interest.

‘We have had quite a few people sign up for the assessment,” he said.

“I think seniors, just looking at myself, you become a certain age and your bones are starting to go and your muscles are starting to go. Seniors feel they need to do something about their physical health.”

Fryters believes the program also ties into concerns about social isolation and loneliness.

“My wife says that she believes the reason for the interest in the program might also be seniors are looking for social outlets,” he said.

“The problem we’re seeing is that physical health is also related to frailty, and frailty is related to loneliness and social isolation. It all hangs together.”

For more information or to sign up for the assessment, call 306-970-8675.