Science Rendezvous brings hands-on activities to the Science Centre

Daily Herald File Photo The Prince Albert Science Centre and Sci-Fi Camps from the University of Saskatchewan partnered for Science Rendevous in May and will be partnering for a camp next week at the Science Centre.

The Prince Albert Science Centre at the Gateway Mall was home to the Science Rendezvous hosted by Sci-Fi Science Camps.

The afternoon was an opportunity to learn about coding, building snap circuits and robotics.

Haley Clifford, the head instructor for Sci-Fi Science Camps, explained that the camps try to build science knowledge overall.

“We focus on science programming for kids. We do coding and programming, we do science, and technology camps like biology camps, and we have health science camps. We cover wide varieties of science,” Clifford said.

“We’re here just to kind of advertise some of the stuff we do. We have VR set up, we have snap circuits set up which focuses on circuits and electricity and then we have robot mice for coding,” she said.

The goal of the day was to reach a wide variety of people and let them know that the camps exist.

“I think our goal is to reach a wide variety of students and kids and families and parents and just that we exist and that we have science programming and hopefully just to teach them a thing or two, maybe some circuits or robots and coding,” Clifford said,

Sci-Fi Science Camps are based out of the College of Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan. The only event Sci-Fi Camps were doing for Science Rendezvous was in Prince Albert.

A Science Rendezvous event will be held at the University of Saskatchewan on Monday, May 15 called Let’s Talk Science. The event in Prince Albert was also free of charge.

“It’s free here, which is nice,” Clifford said.

She explained that it was a great way to promote science itself along with Sci-Fi Science Camps. The event began earlier in the morning than regular Science Centre events but became quite busy in the afternoon.

“It’s picking up. It’s really good to have a lot of activity and engagement happening now. It just took a little while to build out, it’s a nice day outside, ” Clifford said.

Admission was free and donations were accepted by the Science Centre.

The next event for the Prince Albert Science Centre is the STEAM Lab on May 27 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. for $5, which is a chance to explore with STEAM play.