Saskatchewan Rivers donates decommissioned bus to Buckland Fire and Rescue

Saskatchewan Rivers School Board director of education Robert Bratvold answers a question at the 2016 AGM.

The Saskatchewan Rivers School Division has buses that go out of service and can no longer be used for transportation and Buckland Fire and Rescue has a need for vehicles for use in training. The two items came together at the regular meeting of the Saskatchewan Rivers school board on Monday, May 4.

The board approved a request by Buckland Fire and Rescue to use a decommissioned bus for use in an extricating exercise in 2020.

“We have had that request a couple of times and it is a great opportunity. We have buses that are retired from our fleet and they can make use of them to train their fire and rescue people. It really is a win-win situation, they really appreciate it and it is nice for us to be able to contribute to that,” director of education Robert Bratvold said.

In March the department sent a request to the division for use of the bus. The letter explained that departments are finding it challenging to find vehicles for use in hands on training for real life scenarios.

Several years ago the division donated a decommissioned bus and since then there have been new firefighters come on board and other firefighters need to be recertified. As well, according to the letter some of the procedures have changed around bus rescues. Buckland explained that they want to provide the best service if the need arises for a bus rescue and the division can help.

Trans Care Rescue will be the facilitator of the extraction certification and the outline of the lesson was attached for the division to review.