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Home Opinion Sask. Party ‘War Cabinet’ now in disinformation campaign mode

Sask. Party ‘War Cabinet’ now in disinformation campaign mode

Sask. Party ‘War Cabinet’ now in disinformation campaign mode

I have no idea as to why it is that every time former Sask Party MLA Nadine Wilson writes up her “MLA Report”, I start laughing. But for the grace of God and “white privilege”, here is a woman who wanders through Saskatchewan Rivers riding her one-trick pony, spreading the gospel of her “Selfie Party” and telling constituents that she’s ready, willing and able to fight for the right of the six or seven people in the riding allegedly “inconvenienced” by Covid mandates.

Unfortunately, Scott Moe’s new “war cabinet” is not only preaching to the same social whiners, but is stirring their “concerns” into what’s going to be another one of the Sask Party’s “Campaign of Hate”, originally conceived by premier-in-exile Brad Wall some 12 or more years ago.

Ever since the start of this whine-fest, I have wondered how our provincial population (and Alberta’s, for that matter) would have responded to an Ebola outbreak in Canada, as seemed possible back in 2014 when Barack Obama was still President. Unlike Trump, who waited until over half a million Americans and some 40,000 Canadians died before taking any action against the Corona virus, Obama instead sent a CDC team into central Africa to find a cure for that particular disease. They did so in some short order, aided in particular by the scientific community’s increasingly accurate ability to map genetic DNA patterns in all living organisms, including humans. Thus, when only FOUR cases were ever confirmed of the eleven actually reported in the States that year and no one died, Americans praised the rapidity and accuracy of a nation capable of such immediate scientific achievement.

Eight years later, our social media disinformation network is now attempting to convince mostly members of the millennial generation that the four months and tens of thousands of test cases run to produce current and previous Covid vaccinations using INCREASED DNA mapping technology and m-RNA structuring “proves” that the current vaccines are unsafe? Do the people who believe this line of stupidity know how ridiculous that reasoning sounds?

Not if you’re a supporter of the Sask Party, apparently…

I try to deal in reality, which unfortunately supports the premise that “mandates” don’t always work – not because their being put in place isn’t based upon sound medical belief and research, but because there exists a fringe element in today’s society that believes ALL governments are inherently corrupt and therefore incapable of working in the best interests of its people. Equally asinine is their contention that the United Nation’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms lacks sufficient application because it does not embrace the libertarian notion of personal inconvenience being cited as some form of “violation” to personal freedoms.

On the other hand, masks DO work – but don’t bother telling that to the hundreds of morons threatening store owners with violence because that owner wants to protect the health and safety of his patrons. Let’s put this type of behavioural absurdity back into the pigeonhole from which it should never have been extracted.

For instance, place yourself in the position of a worried parent admitting their three-year old child to hospital to receive pediatric heart surgery – and the surgeon walks into the Operating Room coughing and sneezing as though they’d just inhaled a bag of pollen laced with cocaine, not wearing a mask – and starting the surgical procedure.

Now, having considered the absurdity of that heart operation’s appropriateness, someone please explain to me HOW, despite being present in the Victoria Union Hospital watching my step-father-in-law dying from the first wave of Covid, how the nurses fighting to save his life were ALL wearing masks, and are STILL alive today, albeit severely less inclined to believe that ALL patients deserve to be treated with respect and professionalism, despite the clowns worshipping members of the “Freedom Convoy” now heaping abuse upon their ranks?

In the past three years, the question I have heard the MOST from my high school former students is, “Why are our parents and grandparents willing to sacrifice the living standards and risk survival of mankind to protect their own selfish standards of comfort and convenience, when these behaviours are the very reason why we are now being threatened with violent climate change weather patterns and global warming?”

Scott Moe can’t answer that question; to the Sask Party, voters under the age of 25 don’t exist, as they are merely “stooges of the left”, and represented by Opposition voices such as former NDP leadership candidate Kaitlyn Harvey, or by the invisible “foreign environmental terrorists” Jason Kenney has been trying to locate for the past two years or more. Never mind that Harvey has a solid background in climatic geographical studies that youth recognize as legitimate; to his caucus, they’re all “extremists”.

The Sask Party is travelling down two roads, both of which tie heavily into an anti-Trudeau attack. On one track are the “Outback” travellers, MLA Lyle Stewart and ex-MP / MLA Alan Kerpan, each pretending that he is Crocodile Dundee, but neither with the personal magnetism nor sense of humour of a Paul Hogan. They dabble in “separatiste” language, have NO idea that ANY modification to the Canadian Constitution requires the approval of ALL provinces, but still maintain that only western “sovereignty” will save us from the “destructive” policies of the Luciferian reincarnation called “Trudeau” and his Liberal Party cohorts.

Its second roadway is equally well paved with its politics of hate, in attempting to reinforce its flagging voter support by literally bribing the millennial oil patch working constituency unwilling to give up their ¾ ton pick-ups and “Freedom Convoy” malcontents. The approach is simple: convince these gullible factions that their job futures really aren’t “finite”, because economic salvation can still be obtained, not by diversification, but by again embracing the “easy money” faucet of non-renewable resource extraction so as to construct the steep ladder necessary to evacuate everyone from the budgetary sinkhole their party has excavated for the province. In turn, they assure “success” in that mission by simply developing resource policy management practices that run counter to the actions the federal government sees as necessary to ameliorate the disastrous effects of climate change and global warming.

In this futuristic battle of the Titans, the Sask Party sees its strength lying in the actions to be undertaken by newly appointed Minister of Justice Bronwyn Eyre. It doesn’t appear that Cabinet sees her lack of legal practice and attack dog personality she displayed while the Minister of Education as detrimental to their cause; they want only to return to the Supreme Court to do battle against the very Constitution on which this nation relies for its direction.

One can only wonder how parents can continue to support a party so eager to push the concerns of our next generation of youth voters so easily under the bus of “progress”. But then, our voters have been doing this for the past three elections, so what do they care, save to only whine when they’re somehow being “inconvenienced”?