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Home News Rose Garden Hospice meets 2 x 6 fundraiser goal

Rose Garden Hospice meets 2 x 6 fundraiser goal

Rose Garden Hospice meets 2 x 6 fundraiser goal
Michael Oleksyn/Daily Herald (L to R) Dan Fenton, Carolyn Fenton, Marina Mitchell and Ralph Boychuk spokesperson for the funding Committee. Prince Albert Photocopier donated $27,000 to the Rose Garden Hospice on Thursday.

The Rose Garden Hospice has completed another major fundraising campaign, moving them even closer to their $4-million fundraising goal.

Prince Albert Photocopier donated $27,000 on Thursday to the Hospice’s 2 X 6 fundraiser.

The 2 X 6 fundraiser is a partnership with Econo Lumber where customers can buy planks of lumber as a way to support the Hospice. The fundraiser was done through the Rose Garden Hospice website not in person and is completed with this donation.

Fundraising chair Marina Mitchell said the donation from Prince Albert Photocopier owners Dan and Carolyn Fenton was great.

“We have met our goal of 300 2 x 6s and actually (went) over our goals so that’s exciting,” Mitchell said. “We had great support from this community from this fundraiser.”

People who buy a board will have their donation recognized, including a certificate outlining where their board is in the hospice. The donations are also tax deductible.

Mitchell is the daughter of Rose Daschuk, who the facility is named for. Her passing showed the family just how important it was to have a facility where people could receive patient-centred end-of-life care in a home-like environment that meets the physical, emotional, cultural and spiritual needs of the client, their family and their friends.

She said meeting the 2 X 6 fundraiser goal was excellent.

“We weren’t sure about that fundraiser. It was kind of our first one with this 2 X 6 idea and it went really good. The community just got on board like the always do,” she explained.

The Fenton family was pleased to support the Hospice.

“For us it was a really easy decision,” Dan Fenton said. “There have been so many individuals and businesses that got behind the Rose Garden Hospice. It is just a community initiative that we are proud to be part of. It just ticked all of the boxes for us so it was easy for us to get behind.”

Carolyn Fenton said the donation was a personal one for her. Rose Daschuk was the first person she met when she began working at Weyerhauser after moving to Prince Albert. For Carolyn, the donation was a way to say thank you.

“She was an amazing woman (who) made me feel very much at home and made me feel very welcome in the community,” Carolyn said. “I guess for me it is a little bit personal in that I think this is a great way to honour her and I’m proud to do that.”

Carolyn said that Rose was an amazing woman who touched many lives.

“She has got an amazing family and she passed it on to them,” she added.

The building is currently making progress as well. The facility’s basement is already completed, and steel beams are in place. The roof system and other materials are already on site.

The Hospice expects things to really move along in the next couple of months as the weather changes.

The Rose Garden Hospice expects to announce hitting their $4 million fundraising goal in the near future.