Rock Trout owners announce restaurant will close

Patrons eat at a Winesday event, held at the Rock Trout Cafe.

One of Prince Albert’s hottest restaurants will be closing its doors.

Rock Trout Café owners Susan and Paul Luedtke say they’ll continue to book events and open up for live music, but the restaurant will shut down for an indeterminate period.

The last day of regular hours will be Feb. 16.

“We’re just bleeding money,” said Paul. “One of the things we talked about is the expense of running restaurant.”

“You’ve got all these people in the kitchen making the food and you’re providing the bricks and mortar to enjoy the experience. It all costs money.”

It was a tough decision for the couple, who run the restaurant as a family business. Paul said he leaned toward a total shut down, but Susan convinced him that they should retool and start again.

“It’s not working this way, but it feels like there has to be a way,” Susan said. “We had enough success that we’re optimistic we can figure something out. We’ve had really great support.”

Paul said he’s thankful for all the people who helped made Rock Trout a focal point for Prince Albert’s arts and music scene, as well as all the customers who stopped by to enjoy a pint and a good meal.

“People have been excellent and gracious and very supportive,” he said. “It’s been wonderful. It’s been a great experience, so we’re really struggling losing that, that sense of community.”

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