RM seeks city permission for development of park near La Colle Falls dam

Prince Albert city council sits in session. -- Herald file photo.

The Rural Municipality of Garden River is looking to develop a municipal park near the old La Colle Falls hydroelectric dam, but they’ll need permission from the City of Prince Albert to complete it.

The RM needs access to land co-owned by the city and the Ministry of Agriculture to survey a road leading into the park. The RM tried to purchase the land earlier this year, but were told in March that the city had already turned down multiple offers over the years.

“Since purchasing the land may not be an option, council is inquiring if there are any other options the RM may be able to do to develop the road,” RM administrator Leanne Mack wrote in a letter to Prince Albert city council. “For instance, would city council be willing to lease the land to the RM for the purpose of the road development?”

Mack also wrote that that an existing trail to access the site was already in place, and that the RM had already obtained permission from the Ministry of Agriculture to develop the land.

The RM has been looking into developing the area since last November, when they announced a plan to develop a park opposite of the La Colle Falls Dam on their Facebook page.

“The park would be for day use and would allow people the access to see this interesting historical structure, and enjoy the beautiful views of the North Saskatchewan River,” reads the announcement.

Development plans include a parking area and restroom for public use, as well as a recreation area along the North Saskatchewan River.

Mack wrote that the development would help promote a sense of community, improve the local economy, and provide a unique attraction for the RM.

The letter is one of nine items on the consent agenda for the next executive committee meeting on Aug. 26. Other consent agenda items include a letter from the Prince Albert Construction Association outlining some concerns with the renovation of the new city police substation across from City Hall, and a letter of concern over the placement of a digital billboard at the 15th Street West and Second Avenue Intersection.

Prince Albert city council will also hear three presentations from public delegations and city administrators.

This is the last city council or executive committee meeting to start at 2 p.m. Starting in September, regular council meetings will start at 5 p.m. while executive committee meetings return to their 4 p.m. time slot.