RCMP urges residents to keep parcels safe

(Herald file photo)

The Saskatchewan RCMP urged the public to keep theft prevention on their mind as Christmas parcels begin arriving at their door.

The RCMP issued a press release on Dec. 14 urging residents to take precautions when ordering online.

“During the month of December, online shopping increases, and so do the number of parcels that are left unattended on residents’ doorsteps,” reads the press release. “This creates easy opportunity for thieves.”

The RCMP urged the public to schedule parcel deliveries during a time when someone will be at home. If that isn’t possible, police say residents should have their packages delivered to their workplace, a relative’s home, or a trusted neighbours address. Residents can also redirect their package to a nearby pick-up location.

Police say residents should request a signature for delivery. They should also request the package be placed out of sight after it has been delivered.

Finally, police say residents should consider installing exterior security cameras to monitor their doorstep and capture suspicious activities. Police also advise residents to report suspicious persons or activity to their local police jurisdiction.

“When all crimes are reported to the police, police officers get a clearer picture of the types and numbers of crimes occurring in their area,” reads the press release. “This information helps them launch future police projects, initiatives and education campaigns within the area and the division.”

Residents can report thefts to the RCMP at report.rcmp.ca if there are no witnesses or suspects, the items missing are worth less than $5,000, and none of the items involve personal identity, firearms, license plates, or decals.