Rachel Dancsok returning to P.A. with new, original tunes

Rachel Dancsok. Submitted photo.

A seasoned country gospel artist is returning to Prince Albert with a new album of her own, original songs.

Rachel Dancsok, a rancher and singer-songwriter, is in the midst of a tour promoting her new book, Snippets of a Country Girl and album of original music, You Can Have it Too.

She’s bringing her show to the New Hope Community Church on February 2 at 7 p.m.

“I’ve been there before, so a lot of people know me there,” she said.

Dancsok performs with her husband, Darwin, who is legally blind, accompanying her on bass.

‘We’re going to be giving a whole hour of music. There are always opportunities for people to sing along with favourites I play.”

Dancsok isn’t a newcomer to the Saskatchewan music scene. She has five albums to her name and is working on a sixth of Christmas music. But she wasn’t always a country gospel artist.

“Almost 20 years ago, I used to play country music and all the genres there. It came to a point where I didn’t want to sing the songs I was singing.”

With her strong Christian faith and background, Dancsok knew the time was right to switch over to country gospel.

“I wouldn’t trade it for the world — singing songs that touch people’s hearts and give them a lot of hope and help in their life.”

Putting out an album of all original music, though, is a new step for Dancsok. She was encouraged by a friend, a songwriter from Alberta.

“I was persistent enough to sit down and ask the Lord if I could write songs from his heart,” she said.

“Each song I worked diligently on it. A lot of the songs are inspired by what I have seen on the farm or working on the farm, and I just started working with that.”

Dancsok works as a rancher south of Esterhazy, raising purebred Angus cattle. That side of her life is captured in her book, inspired by the upkeep of her home, garden, hospitality and delicious meals and desserts. She has volunteered on three mission trips to Jamaica and volunteers to sing and play her guitar at her hometown hospital and care home. She hosts pickin’ and singin’ bring your favourite dish get together at her home and participates in the annual carol festival. She also has appeared at jamborees, conventions and on television to share her music with the world.

For her new album, each song comes with scripture from the Bible.

“it gives you an idea of where that song comes from, “ Dancsok said. “I enjoyed the whole process. It was really, really neat, how one came after the other. One time I said ‘the next song is going to be a happy song.’ No sooner this happy song comes along. It’s called ‘My Happy Place.’ It’s out of country flavour, more Latin, It really turned out well.”

The album has received some acclaim within the province, receiving a nomination from the Saskatchewan Music Awards. But while that recognition is nice, it’s not why Dancsok makes music.

“The reason I do this — I’ve seen so often how God touches a person who is listening to a song,” she said.

“Many times I’ve been singing and someone will say, ‘I just needed that song.’ I’ve been approached by lots with people saying how much the songs have touched their hearts. When you start touching souls like that, there’s nothing better.”

More information on Dancsok’s music can be found at racheldancsok.com. Her new album is available on CDBaby.