Quinn’s Story – ‘I wish to swim with sea turtles’

Quinn, age 12, cystic fibrosis. Submitted photo.

Quinn, age 12, cystic fibrosis

Quinn’s hidden talent is coding! The skilled 12-year-old is exercising his problem-solving and mathematical skills by learning the ins and outs of software development. Quinn also enjoys reading, playing guitar, learning about space, and beating his competitors in a merciless game of Monopoly or Risk!

The Saskatchewan Roughriders fan loves staying up late and enjoys a thick steak and an ice-cold glass of root beer. His favourite time of year is Christmas when he can spend time with his family, three dogs and gecko.

Quinn was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, an inherited disease that causes a buildup of mucus that can damage the body’s organs. The most common signs and symptoms include progressive damage to the respiratory system and chronic digestive system problems. Quinn relies on daily prescribed medications and ongoing treatment. “Dealing with an illness like CF is challenging and has been for many years, Quinn always feels different and that he has to do things other kids don’t,” said his mom, Alecea.

Quinn wished to visit Hawaii and swim with sea turtles! Last March, his 14-year-old sister Olivia, his mom, and dad Matthew, boarded a plane to Honolulu. While on the trip, the family joined an all-day Hawaii turtle tour and got up close and personal with the majestic Hawaiian green sea turtles in their natural habitat. “The wish let us put Quinn in the driver’s seat and take time to appreciate all he has done for his health,” Alecea said. “Quinn’s wish brought so much joy and a break to our very stressful lives.”

Hope is essential for children with critical illnesses, and its life-changing power is unlocked when wishes like Quinn’s are granted.