Punk and metal triple bill to support Food Bank coming to the Spice Trail

Tara McDermott, The Portrait Witch Photo TV Casualties (L to R) Adam Meng (guitar), Ian McAlpine (drums), Will Yannacoulias (bass) and Mitchell Harwood (vocals), Softbox and Dirty Sanchez Orchestra will be playing A (Kind of) Punk Rock Christmas - A Fundraiser to Benefit Prince Albert Food Bank at the Spice Trail on Saturday, Dec. 16.

There will be a unique fundraiser at the Spice Trail on Saturday, Dec. 16.

A (Kind of) Punk Rock Christmas – A Fundraiser to Benefit Prince Albert Food Bank will feature a triple bill of TV Casualties, Softbox and Dirty Sanchez Orchestra

The three bands promise a unique holiday experience that blends the spirit of Christmas with the energetic vibes of punk rock and heavy metal. “A (Kind of) Punk Rock Christmas” is not your typical holiday even and a fundraiser aimed at supporting the Prince Albert Food Bank during this festive season.

Attendees can expect a night filled with live punk rock and heavy metal performances.

Adam Meng, guitarist for TV Casualties, said the concept came from a similar fundraiser in Saskatoon.

“Much like this past summer’s Punk Rock for Prairie Harm Reduction fundraiser, A (kind of) Punk Rock Christmas is a mutual aid based community action incentive in which members of the Prince Albert Punk and Metal Scene combined their efforts to put on a benefit show,” Meng said.

Jordan Tupper said that they chose the food bank because it is important to support them during the holiday season.

“It’s a great way to help our community during the holiday season,” Tupper said. “(It) makes us feel good that we are giving back to our city.”

Clay Cottingham of Threadbare Productions has been involved in all of the fundraiser shows but said the ideas really came from Meng.

“The Punk Rock for Prairie Harm Reduction was also Adam’s brainchild and I offered to do sound for that and the Throwdown for the Pound. I had little to do with any organization beyond sound,” Cottingham said.

All three bands promise a fun mix of sounds for the show. Will Yannacoulias plays bass in both TV Casualties and Dirty Sanchez Orchestra.

“Dirty Sanchez Orchestra is a father and son on guitar and drums with this weird half uncle on bass, playing fast and melodic skate punk,” he said

“TV Casualties is a couple old friends and a couple new ones, four guys blasting fast mean hardcore songs about the Prince Albert experience,” Yannacoulias added.

Softbox recently returned after a hiatus, according to drummer Todd Backstrom. They formed in 1993 playing what Backstrom describes as a metal band with a hard rock attitude

“In 2007 we released our first Cd ‘Fallen’ and then in 2011 our second CD ‘Interesting’. We then took about a 10 year time off and are currently recording new material for our third CD as well as playing local shows,” Backstrom said.

The band is composed of Kurt Johns on bass, Tupper on guitar and Backstrom on drums and screaming.

The bands believe that this event will not only bring the community together for a good cause but also add a fresh and dynamic twist to the traditional holiday celebrations. All proceeds from the event will go directly to the Prince Albert Food Bank, helping to make a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

The fundraiser is on Saturday, Dec. 16 at the Spice Trail with the show starting at 8 p.m.

“Have fun, stay safe and be the scene,” Cottingham said.