Province confidant Diefenbaker bridge is enough

Diefenbaker Bridge. -- Herald file photo.

Saskatchewan’s Minister of Highways and Infrastructure says Diefenbaker Bridge is more than capable of handling the current traffic load, meaning there’s no urgency to build a second bridge in Prince Albert.

On Tuesday, Minister David Marit took time to respond to a bridge inspection report put out on Monday by independent firm ISL Engineering and Land Services.

The authors of the report said repairs made in 2011 are holding up, but added that additional cracks are appearing beyond naturally occurring wear and tear. The authors attributed the cracks to poor original construction.

Marit said they have short, medium and long-term plans in place to keep the bridge functioning, which should make it capable of handling future loads.

“I don’t think our urgency has changed a bit,” he said. “In fact, I think, what this does for us is give us a pretty good comfort level that the bridge is quite capable of handling the traffic.”

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