Prince Albert man concerned about wife’s safety in hospital

Joe Grimard says his wife is on the same floor as COVID-19 patients, treated by same nurses

oe Grimard is worried for his wife, Leanne, who he says is on the same floor as COVID-19 patients.

A Prince Albert man is concerned for his wife after he says she was placed on the same floor and has the same nurses as COVID-19 patients.

Joe Grimard’s wife, Leanne, has been in hospital for two weeks due to an infection in her lungs. Leanne does not have COVID-19.

Grimard is worried about Leanne’s safety. He said he’s having trouble sleeping and doesn’t know what to do.

“I’m scared my wife’s going to die, we’ve been together for 32 years, we’ve never been apart. Now I’m worried about this,”he added.

Grimard said that he was told by hospital staff that COVID-19 patients were quarantined but he’s still worried. His other concern is that he says Leanne has the same nurses as COVID-19 patients.

“How do you know if they don’t make a mistake or one of them nurses end up getting it and they go see her and she ends up getting it.”

Grimard said ideally he wants his wife safe at home with him but would feel better if she was on a separate floor from COVID-19 patients and had a separate team of nurses.

A spokesperson with the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) said they could not comment on specific details concerning patient care because of confidentiality, but offered the following statement.

“It is important to know that every hospital in the province is feeling the effects of the surge in COVID-19 cases right now and Prince Albert is no exception. All medical units are required to support those requiring the highest level of care. SHA staff are taking all the appropriate precautions including proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), handwashing and appropriate distancing to ensure safety of all patients. Patients and residents of our facilities should rest assured staff, physicians and care providers are doing the very best they can to maintain safe and quality care during these exceptional times.”