Prince Albert couple donates $20,000 to Rose Garden Hospice

Marina Mitchell receives a generous donation from Chris and Glen Holowachuk at the site of the Rose Garden Hospice on April 13, 2023. Submitted photo.

Former owners of Chrislen Builder’s LTD, Chris and Glen Holowachuk, made a generous donation of $20,000 to the Rose Garden Hospice on Thursday morning to thank the Daschuk family for never giving up on their dream.

“We’ve known the Daschuk family for many years,” said Glen. “My wife’s dad worked for Daschuk Construction for many, many years. Our first home was a Daschuk home, so we felt it was a needed and very worthwhile project to support.”

The Rose Garden Hospice is a wonderful charity to donate to, said Glen.

“We always felt that we should give something back to the community,” he added.

Board member Marina Mitchell said they were very pleased and excited for the Holowachuk’s donation.

“We haven’t had a larger donation in a while, so it was a very welcoming surprise,” said Mitchell.

Mitchell also provided a brief update on how the Rose Garden Hospice project is currently going.

“The interior is painted, floors are in, cabinets are in, so that’s kind of where we’re at,” explained Mitchell. “We’ve had a couple of small hiccups in regards to building supplies and the demand of those. The wait on some items are a lot longer than anticipated and what we thought.”

She added that the project is now on the home stretch and is looking more wonderful by the day.