Prince Albert Children’s Choir hosting Spring Concert

Daily Herald File Photo The Prince Albert Children’s Choir recently performed at the Margo Fournier Arts Centre dedication ceremony, hosting their Spring Concert on Wednesday, May 22.

The Prince Albert Children’s Choir is preparing to put a bow on their performance season on Wednesday.
The Choir will be hosting their annual Spring Concert and director Megan Fournier-Mewis said it’s not only a wrap on the season, but also a showcase.
“It’s featuring music, everything from folk to musical theatre, choral repertoire and pop selections. There will be soloists by some of our senior singers,” Founnier-Mewis said.
It will feature both the preparatory choir and the concert choir. Fournier-Mewis explained that a large concert like this is a great way to wrap up the year for the students.
“It’s a way of showcasing what the kids have been working on all year,” she explained.
“Some of it the parents will have heard before and some of it they won’t have, or the public. Some of these songs, it’s the first time either choir is having an opportunity to perform them.”
She said that this is a message that she passes on as they rehearse throughout the year.
“I always tell them their voices are only for the ears that hear them, so once you have that audience, that’s when you’re finally able to present what it is you’ve been working on and the talent you’ve put into it,” Fournier-Mewis said.
The Children’s Choir has had a busy performance year in their season. They were invited to perform at the Prince Albert Music Festival Gala, which Fournier-Mewis said was a great honour. They’ve also performed at a number of Prince Albert Raider games.
The preparatory and concert choirs also recently performed at the Margo Fournier Arts Centre dedication event. Fournier-Mewis said they had a chance to perform at the downtown Christmas Tree lighting too.
“They were also Christmas caroling during the Santa parade, so they’ve been out and about,” she said.
Fournier-Mewis said the group prepares about 20 pieces throughout the year. Wednesday’s Spring Concert will feature 12 of them.
“Throughout the year they work on a fairly extensive repertoire, so it’s nice to finally to put it in front of an audience,” she said.
The Concert Choir performers have been singing together for several years and FournierMewis explained that this has made for a strong collaboration.
“There’s something when a group gets to really work (together) and get to know and by instinct know what the others are doing,” she explained. “They produce better music and we’re definitely at that point, so it will be a good concert. It will be a nice listening pleasant
The Prince Albert Children’s Choir will be at St. Mark’s Parish on Wednesday, Mary 22. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. with the concert starting at 7 p.m.