Police hand out 781 tickets for failing to stop or yield in January

(Herald file photo)

Saskatchewan police officers handed out 781 tickets to drivers who failed to stop or yield at intersections in the month of January.

Each ticket cost drivers $230. SGI said in a press release that drivers who want to avoid these tickets should come to a full stop at stop signs, remain stopped when at a red light, and reduce speeds at yield signs.

The 781 tickets were among 3,501 handed out for speeding and driving offences in January. That includes 227 tickets for people not wearing seatbelts, 495 for distracted driving, and 459 for impaired driving.

In a press release, SGI said failing to follow traffic laws is dangerous and potentially expensive. Being responsible for a collision comes with several other potential costs. SGI stats show intersections are where nearly half of collisions take place.