Phase 2 of Forest Edge Developments underway with the arrival of new homes

NA Forest Edge Valerie G. Barnes Connell Jordan/Northern Advocate. Two hybrid RTMs and the beginnings of a two-bedroom home, are the first stages of Phase 2 of the Forest Edge Developments.

Phase 3 plans not set in stone for Forest Edge Developments

Tia and Johnny Watt took ownership of what was then listed as, La Ronge Mobile Home Park, just over two years ago and started Phase 1 of their plan for development.

Phase 1 included relocating some existing trailers that out of the planed location. They have moved into Phase 2 of the development, which consists of 19 lots with lots all averaging about 45 ft frontage and 90 ft depth.

“Phase 1 is dedicated 31 lots to existing manufactured mobile homes. There was people living there … so we helped them relocate their trailers and get proper lots for them and move their homes over,” Tia Watt said in an interview with the Northern Advocate.

Throughout the summer the lots were completely re-serviced.

Although they were served lots, Watt said the service was “old, old, old, I don’t know how old they were. So, we re-serviced them properly,” with all new and proper plumbing and services needed.

They connected with a builder in Saskatoon

“(It’s) another small husband and wife duo, so they’re supplying models that you see currently in the park. Those ones are mortgageable for somebody to come and buy,” Watt said.

There are two on site and “we’re currently stick-building from the ground up a two-bedroom that will be for rental. So, there are two options for that street. Our vision for that street is to have those two,” she added.

Watt created a logo for the development business, Forest Edge Developments. She has five trees “to symbolize my husband, me and my three kids … and then, my eight-year-old, you know, drew the circles in pen.”

The whole project has been family driven, she said.

“It’s been a total family event; we’ve been out there. The kids helping pick rocks and there’s a sand hill that they played on while Johnny and I cleaned the brush by hand. We spend many weekends out there cleaning it up.”

In the spring she pulls up with a truck, dons some gloves and sometimes some residents will help, and she cleans up.

The park has four streets, and the lighting on the street has been increased. She is hoping in the future to move to more decorative lighting.

The park has one water and sewer outlet from the Town of La Ronge, so they have their own lift station.

The property had been left for some time and fell into some disarray, but, Watt said, she’s grateful to the Town for initiating the sale and with the purchase and “we are able to continue to freely change the view of it. It’s a beautiful property within the Town of La Ronge boundary.”

Phase 3 of the project consist of 37 lots, but nothing has been done with them as yet.

“At the current moment I don’t have any plan like set in stone,” Watt explained. “Obviously, I want to keep going with my vision and expectations for it. Fortunately, the land can’t be sold. … The land can’t be sold because it’s one parcel.

And what does she see for Forest Edge?

“My vision is like high expectations from myself for the three developments to create something unexpected for the community,” she said, adding people stop by when she’s there; they’re curious.

In the end, she would like to “create a separate community which will create a positive, intergenerational affect” with young families, “that want to start a home, starting out. Older people that need that extra bit, but still want to live on their own, and, at least this is all one level properties. Everything’s on the main level, the houses. Everything’s there, water, sewer, plumbed. They’ve got all the appliances, laundry services … houses will be available for everybody of all ages.”