Perfect shot: Saskatchewan archery takes over Alfred Jenkins

Nathan Reiter/Daily Herald. Hundreds of archers traveled to Prince Albert for the JOP and indoor target archery provincials at the Alfred Jenkins Fieldhouse.

There was a massive turnout from across Saskatchewan converge on the Alfred Jenkins Fieldhouse in Prince Albert for the Junior Olympic Program (JOP) and provincial indoor target archery championships.

There were over 380 archers for the JOP championship Saturday and more than 280 for the indoor target archery championship on Sunday.

Stacey Moran is the vice-president of the Prince Albert Archery Club. He says having both events on the same weekend was important.

“I think having the JOP championships and the provincials on the same weekend really brings the numbers up for both events. Saturday was all kids. Today, there’s adults and everybody can shoot today.”

The JOP features athletes from 6 to 21 who can shoot from 10m, 15m or 18m distances.

Sunday’s provincial championship saw archers of all ages competing from the U10 age division up to the Masters (50+) age level.

One archer in attendance was 20-year-old Jacob Bourassa, who both competes and coaches. He says the sport is unique in providing an opportunity for all ages to compete.

“it’s a lifelong sport. I know guys who started shooting when they’re four and I’m sure they’ll shoot till the day they die or can’t, there’s para-archery too. It’s really an accessible sport for everyone. And you don’t have to have the athletic physique to do it either. It’s a big mental game.”