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Home News PA Firefighters tune up the choir for inaugural ‘Stop the Caroling Tour’

PA Firefighters tune up the choir for inaugural ‘Stop the Caroling Tour’

PA Firefighters tune up the choir for inaugural ‘Stop the Caroling Tour’
A fire truck sits outside a building in Prince Albert. -- Herald file photo.

On a normal day, residents are happy to see Prince Albert firefighters out and about, but that could change on Tuesday.

That’s when some of the least talented singers the Prince Albert Firefighters Local 510 Charity has to offer will be out spreading Christmas cheer as part of the organization’s “Stop the Caroling Tour.” Residents must donate to get the firefighters to stop singing, with donors who give more than $200 getting the privilege of picking the next spot in the City they travel to.

“We have not done this before,” Prince Albert Firefighters Charity spokesperson Ryan Robin said. “We were just trying to look for something that could be a little different. In the past, we’ve done a roof-top camp-out campaign where you spend the night outside on the roof of a business, but this time we’re going to try our hand at caroling, and we’re not very good at it.”

The Fire Department has pre-booked stops planned around the City where Robin said they’ll do their best not to ruin everyone’s favourite carols. All proceeds from the event go towards Muscular Dystrophy Canada, an organization the charity has long supported.

“It’s one of those organizations I didn’t hear much about until I was a firefighter,” said Robin, who serves as the charity’s Muscular Dystrophy representative. “That’s, for me, when I realized they need some help, and we’ve paired with them before.”

The event was originally scheduled for Dec. 17, but the charity postponed it until Tuesday, Dec. 21 in hopes of getting better weather. They already have a few businesses who have agreed to host starting points, but they’re still looking for a few more.

“It should be a lot of fun,” Robin said. “We’re hoping to get a decent amount of people involved.

“We’re hoping that we can get as much as we can, and raise as much as we can for this. If it’s somewhat successful, we’ll try again next year.”

Anyone interested in booking a quick, fun stop on the tour for their business or organization can email the charity at paffcharity@hotmail.com.