P.A. art show and sale going virtual this year

The 42nd annual Kyla art show and sale will be hosted online over a 10 day-period

A photo from a previous Kyla Art Show and Sale. The event is being hosted online this year. (File photo/Daily Herald)

A popular Prince Albert art show and sale will be going virtual this year after the pandemic prevented them from hosting an in-person event.

The 42nd annual Kyla Art Show and Sale, typically hosted at E.A. Rawlinson or Plaza 88, will be presented online this year.

A website was specifically created for this event and will feature 15 artists. The sale will have a variety of work available such as paintings, wood burning, wood working, metal work and glass mosaics.

Kim Morrall with the Kyla Artist Group says she’s excited to see how the event will play out this year.

“I have full hopes it will be just as good and successful as our previous shows,” Morrall said.

As a mom of four and an artist herself, Morrall says the annual event pushes her to complete artwork and get involved with the community.

The art sale will launch at 2 p.m. on this Sunday, and run until Dec. 9th at 9 p.m. Artists will be responsible for shipping orders out to customers, Morrall said.

After shutting down for a few days, the website will kick back up again and give people the chance to shop more. Morrall added this is something the group has never done before.

“Most artists like myself we have artwork sitting in our basement…with no place to go and waiting to be sold so this is an opportunity for us to put some of that on there and hopefully have another avenue to sell our work.”

One disadvantage to not having an in-person event is that people won’t be able to speak face-to-face with the artists.

“The personal experience is always going to be better, one of the things people like is being able to meet the artists at our actual shows whereas you don’t get it this way,” Morrall added that the website will include artist photos and information about their work in lieu of this experience.

Another disadvantage is that most shoppers like to see art in person, but Morrall explained that all Kyla artists took good photos of their work.

Past shows have gotten up to 500 people in attendance. Morrall said with the rising number of COVID-19 cases, the group’s main priority was keeping this event safe which is why they decided to host it online.

Ticket sales to past shows have gone to charity organizations. Without an in-person event this year, a silent auction will be held instead with proceeds going towards Prince Albert Optimist Club. Kyla artists each donated an item to the silent auction.

Morrall said the artists group wanted to partner with a local group that did a lot for the community.

“They’re really great to work with and really nice,” she said.

Event information will be shared on the group’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/3556881161010338. The website for the art show and sale is www.kylaartistgroup.com.