Olivia and Oliver top list of Saskatchewan baby names for 2023

A baby competes in the 2017 Baby Crawl at Gateway Mall. -- Herald file photo.

Saskatchewan residents will meet plenty of Olivia’s and Oliver’s in the coming years after those two names topped the eHealth Saskatchewan list of top 20 baby names released on Monday.

According to the list, Olivia was the most popular name for baby girls as of 2023, the second being Emma, and the third being Sophia. Oliver was the most popular name for baby boys, followed by Noah in
second place and Liam in third place.

According to the data given on February 3, 2024, 50 baby girls were named Olivia and 63 boys were named Oliver. After Olivia came Emma, Sophia, Charlotte, Ivy, and Ava. Down the list after Oliver was Noah,
Liam, Leo, Jack, and Theodore.

New names on the 2023 list include Muhammad making it at number 19 and Isabella returning to the girls list after eight years at number 13.

Baby girl names that didn’t carry over from 2022 were Willow, Abigail, Scarlett, Chloe, and Mia. Over one-third of the popular baby boy names from 2022 didn’t make it over, including James, Benjamin, Walker,
Asher, Maverick, Luke, and Elijah.

The top 20 baby boy names were: Oliver, Noah, Liam, Leo, Jack, Theodore, Levi, Hudson, Lincoln, Ethan, Bennett, Emmett, William, Owen, Lucas, Henry, Beau, Jackson, Muhammad, and Alexander.

The top 20 baby girl names were: Olivia, Emma, Sophia, Charlotte, Ivy, Ava, Ella, Isla, Aurora, Sophie, Amelia, Violet, Isabella, Nora, Harper, Lily, Evelyn, Brielle, Ellie, and Hazel.

eHealth wants to note that they are still completing birth registrations from the end of 2023, so the top baby names of 2023 list was created with a preliminary count of 12,832 live births registered in Saskatchewan as of Feb. 3, 2024. The number of live births registered in 2022 was 13,363. The list excludes Saskatchewan mothers who gave birth outside of the province.