North Saskatchewan Regiment to host open house events to promote recruiting

Daily Herald File Photo Members of the North Saskatchewan Regiment march to the Monument unveiling at City Hall in 2023.

The North Saskatchewan Regiment in Prince Albert is hosting a variety of events as Canadian Army Reserves open local armouries to aid in recruiting efforts.

There will be an Open House hosted by 38 Canadian Brigade Group’s North Saskatchewan Regiment at the Prince Albert Armoury on April 3 and this weekend from April 6-7.

Captain Miguel Moldez, a Public Affairs Officer with the 38 Canadian Brigade Group Public Affairs, said it’s difficult to attract new members, but they hope the series of Open Houses will help change that.

“It’s not a secret that the Canadian Armed Forces is struggling to hit numbers, but the thing is being in the reserves is still a super valuable kind of asset to have on your resume,” Moldez explained. “The reserves have had a really good impact at home and abroad. It offers a rewarding and challenging career and that’s why we’re opening up to everybody.”

Moldez said it will also be a way to get to know the communities the regiments are located in.

The Open Houses are one of several Canadian Army recruiting efforts. Armouries across the country will be open to the public to showcase as part of a National Job Fair. The Prince Albert Armoury will be open during a parade night on April 3, 2024, in which the public will have the chance to observe the regular work environment of Canadian Army Soldiers.

“It’s a regular training night and it’s they’re basically opening their doors to the public and inviting people to see exactly what they do on a regular basis,” Moldez explained.

The armoury will also be open over the weekend on April 6-7 for a formal open house which includes weapons and equipment displays that attendees can interact with.

“They will have weapons on display, (and) equipment on display,” Moldez said. “I was also told they’ll even have night vision goggles set up so that people can try it out.”

Moldez said that being is the reserves is a great opportunity.

“You can learn a lot of transferable skills and there’s some knowledge that can benefit both your skills in the military and the civilian world,” he explained.

“We offer competitive pay. There’s lots of opportunities for adventure and a good work life balance because the reserve is a part time thing. What we offer is it’s only one training night a week and one or two weekends a month. That’s the requirement we have, and we would like to have everyone attend the open house.”

The training night open house is on April 3 from 7 to 9:30 p.m. and the weekend house is on April 6 and 7 from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m.