North Lakelands Planning District launches community plan consultation process

Facebook Photo The Village of Christopher Lake is one of the communities taking part in the North Lakelands Planning District update of the DIstrict Official Community Plan.

The member municipalities in the North Central Lakelands Planning District are seeking input from property owners and other stakeholders as they update the District Official Community Plan (DOCP).

Planning District members, including the RM of Paddockwood, District of Lakeland, Resort Village of Candle Lake, Resort Village of Elk Ridge and Village of Christopher Lake have engaged Crosby Hanna & Associates and Wallace Insights, both of Saskatoon, to update the DOCP.

“Right now we are just directing people to a website and there is a QR code that they can use to get there as well,” project lead Jim Walters said.

“There is going to be more consultation. Ultimately we are doing a new policy plan,” he explained.

Work began this summer with the collection of background information and analysis of societal trends likely to affect the region over the next 25 years.

The preliminary analysis for background information has been compiled into an informative video posted to the project webpage at

“Right now we just want people to go to the website,” Walters said. “It tells them what we are doing. The key right now is going there.”

Walters said they’ve created a ‘Virtual Open House’ to provide visitors with an opportunity to share their thoughts through a brief survey, or to email questions and ideas directly to the consultant team.

Several phases of public input are anticipated over the next nine months and will include additional surveys, interviews and public meetings.

“There is going to be in person stuff, but in the winter we are just doing online.” Walters explained. “There will be more notices because there will be more things that happen. There is more than just this.”

The first survey on trends and opportunities is now open and can be accessed from the project webpage or by using a QR code.