Nipawin council supports land sale and incentives for new daycare

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Nicole Goldsworthy, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter,

NIPAWIN — The Nipawin Early Learning Centre (NELC), a newly formed group, is intending to construct a new daycare within the town of Nipawin.

At the Dec. 11 council meeting, council spent time considering the positive economic and social impacts the project will have on the community. Jeff Hyrnkiw, land planner for the Town of Nipawin, said, “Namely the fact that daycare spots are really needed and having affordable daycare allows persons to enter the workforce. The project is a new build that adds to the tax valuation of the town, and jobs will be created once the facility is built. Council showed strong support for the project with the land sale and incentives so the project can move forward.”

In the recommendation, it stated that this type of facility is needed as there are long wait times at the current daycares in town. The NELC group is interested in obtaining land where the old water treatment plant was located: 311 6th Street East. At this time, they are requesting the council reconsider a reduced price, or for the town to donate the land.

Council approved a land sale price of $90,000 with four years tax-free. Four years tax-free is estimated to be valued between $46,800 and $79,000 of savings for the daycare when the municipal tax and school taxes are removed. This is under the assumption that the assessed value of the property will be between $600,000 and $750,000.

The Town of Nipawin demolished the old water treatment plant and has the land marketed for sale in the hope of attracting residential development. Council approved the land to be marketed as residential development, however a daycare is a discretionary use with the property’s current zoning.

The daycare group has provided information to the Town of Nipawin’s administration that their building would cost around $1 million to build.

Hyrnkiw said, “In the past, if council has reduced the price of land for larger projects, typically non-profit or community-orientated projects, the town has reserved the ability to advertise the reduction as a contribution to the project. Council can negotiate or provide staff with direction on tax incentives if the price of the lot is reduced.”