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New frequency signals welcome change for Victory FM

New frequency signals welcome change for Victory FM
Jason Kerr/Daily Herald Victory FM board members Art Pederson (left) and Walter Pope (right) pose for a photo inside Victory FM in Prince Albert.

It’s been a time of change for Victory FM, and the local Christian radio station isn’t done yet.

In 2016, the station expanded their operations to include a second transmitter, allowing the to broadcast on a second frequency, and now they’re looking to increase local content too.

Art Pederson, a volunteer and board member with Victory FM, said the improvements will give the station a greater reach in the community, and that’s something they’re looking to make the most of.

“It increases our listening audience for sure,” Pederson said. “There are a lot of church people that are in the nursing homes who have a radio by their beds, and they can listen to us now.”

Originally launched in 2008, Victory FM broadcast for years on FM frequency 100.1. However, the residents in Prince Albert struggled to receive clear transmissions when they weren’t in their vehicles. Residents in cars did receive better reception, although traffic lights in the city often caused interference.

After a fundraising campaign several years ago, a new transmitter has been set up to broadcast on 107.1 FM and the station is coming in clearer than ever.

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