NDP calling for explanations from Moe regarding ministers’ travel

Moe told media on Monday that he accepted Joe Hargrave's resignation from Cabinet

MLA Joe Hargrave at a previous event. (Herald file photo)

Ethics and Democracy critic Matt Love says the NDP wants further explanation from Premier Scott Moe regarding MLA Joe Hargrave’s trip to California and cabinet resignation.

“He went from just a few days ago backing Hargrave to accepting his resignation,” Love stated.

Moe spoke to media on Monday after accepting Hargrave’s resignation as minister of highways. When asked if he felt misled by Hargrave, Moe called the question irrelevant.

“This seems to be the key piece here. Is that the difference from the New Years Eve revelation that he had travelled out of country, to within three days later accepting his resignation. The details that changed there were his reasons for travelling so those are very relevant,” Love said.

He believes that Saskatchewan residents are owed an explanation from the premier about what details “led to him changing his mind.”

Moe told media that he and Hargrave came to the mutual decision that Hargrave resigning was the right thing to do. He said he wanted to avoid the perception that politicians and voters aren’t held to the same standard.

Love said further explanation is owed to what reason Hargrave gave to the premier’s office about his travel.

The NDP revealed documents on Monday that show Hargrave’s California home being listed on Dec. 26/27. Hargrave left Canada on Dec. 22 and said the purpose of his travel was to finalize the sale of the house and move belongings back to Saskatchewan.

Love once again questioned Hargrave’s reasoning for travel.

“Was he going there to finalize a deal, was he going there to list a home or was he going there for a warm vacation to a half-million dollar home in a gated community during the holidays? The holidays when everyone was asked to stay at home,” Love questioned.

Love also thinks that Prince Albert Carlton constituents deserve an explanation.

“We are just a few months out from an election when they entrusted (Sask. Party) with their votes and I think if he wants to remain relevant and respected to the voters who elected him then they deserve an explanation and they deserve an apology.”

With files from Jason Kerr/Daily Herald