My predictions for 2017

by Ruth Griffiths

Last week I graded my predictions for 2016 and proved my inability to see into the future. But, buoyed by support from readers, I again embrace my fallibility and offer the following predictions for the coming year: 

  1. Despite the Christmas market bombings in Germany and an unprecedented influx of refugees during 2016, Angela Merkel will be returned as Chancellor of Germany in national elections this fall.
  2. Donald Trump will initiate legal action against Hillary Clinton. Why? Because he can.
  3. Was it hoax or reality that Russia interfered with the U.S. presidential election? I predict that nations around the world will spend more on cyber security this year.
  4. Oil prices will continue in a slump, continuing to drain the Saskatchewan economy. With workers caught in the pincers of rising prices and dwindling employment, labour unrest will erupt this year.
  5. Nano technology with a link to Saskatchewan will facilitate the first head transplant. A mesh one molecule thick has been developed to provide a “trellis” on which the spinal column can make connections between the head and the donor body.
  6. A vaccine for HIV (AIDS) will become commercially available.
  7. Farmers’ Almanac predicts average snowfall for the Prairies and colder temperatures during the beginning of the year. I predict that colder temperatures will curtail some Winter Festival activities in February.
  8. The summer of 2017 is predicted to be a little cooler and drier than usual. The dry weather will tend to increase the risk of forest fires. I predict that Prince Albert will see an influx of fire evacuees this summer.
  9. With the legalization of marijuana on the horizon, I predict that Saskatchewan police will be trained in the use of a device for roadside testing for driver impairment due to marijuana.
  10. Some of the oil spilled into the North Saskatchewan River last summer still lurks in the riverbed. When spring runoff scours the riverbanks, oil will again become a problem for Prince Albert’s water treatment system. Prepare for water restrictions again this spring.