My New Year’s resolution to you

John Fryters

Today (January 2nd, 2020) we are standing in front of a whole new year – a year with 52 weeks and 365 days. Whatever your plans are, whatever you desire for this brand-new year, you can be assured that you will have a very clear vision – a 20/20 vision of these plans and these desires. The numerical significance of the year 2020 is just that – a clear vision without any hindrances.

Without hindrances means that no negative forces will stand in the way of accomplishing your goals or plans.  If they pop up their ugly heads, remind yourself of this prophecy and come against anything or anyone that is negative and speaks down to you.   Do not allow anything or anyone tear you down this wonderful year.  Don’ let anyone speak adversely about the plans or desires which were placed in your heart to accomplish in this year.

When I speak into someone’s life as I am doing here, I see as clear for myself as I see it for others.   Today, I am placing these spiritual 20/20 glasses in my heart and believe that much I have desired will come true this year.  In fact, in my own case, it has a lot to do with my dream to break through as a writer.  And believe it or not, but that 20/20 vision has already started even before today.

That is exactly what I want for you, all my readers, let those plans, those desires come true.   You will be happy in 2020 – one of the best years in your whole life.  People around you will see it develop in you.   They will comment on how happy you actually are.   Expect that type of feedback and thank them for giving it.  You know that current neuro-science has proven that your attitude of gratitude rewires your brain and you’ll become a very satisfied, happier person.

Surround yourself only with positive and wise individuals.  Those persons will strengthen your resolve to reach those plans and the desires in your heart. If this prophecy is encouraging to you, please let me know ( and we will stay in touch throughout the year.  That is a promise.

John Fryters is a 71-year old senior who is passionate about helping other seniors.  He can be reached by e-mail at or through