Mr. Mike’s and YWCA fundraiser barbecue becoming a tradition

Herald file photo. Fund development and volunteer coordinator David Hambleton hands out a burger during the YWCA’s first fundraising barbecue at Mr. Mike’s in Prince Albert in 2020. The third such barbecue begins at 11 a.m. on Monday.

The Prince Albert YWCA plans to team up with Mr. Mike’s at the Cornerstone in Prince Albert to hold a fundraising barbecue for the third straight year.

The fundraiser will run from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday. YWCA fund development and volunteer coordinator David Hambleton said they initially teamed up because of COVID-19 restrictions. The idea has since grown from there.

“It was during the first sort of periods where lockdowns and everything were a big thing,” Hambleton explained. “There was no gatherings, nothing going on. Mr. Mike’s, we had connected with them and they were interested in doing something to kind of get the community together in a safe manner during COVID.”

After the success of the small socially distanced barbecue in 2020, there was a second one in the fall of 2021. After even more success in 2021, the two groups decided to keep their partnership going.

“They said, ‘we really enjoy doing this. We should just make it an annual thing to partner with the Y and do a fundraiser barbecue at some point in the summer or early fall each year,’” he explained.

Hambleton said they love working with community partners and businesses who are interested in helping the organization.

On Monday, Mr. Mike’s will be selling a Classic Mike Burger for just $6 or a Classic Mike Burger and a can of pop for $7. Burgers will be available with and without cheese.

Payment can be made using debit, credit, or cash and they will also be accepting donations.

“We will have some tables and chairs set up outside similar to what we did last year, so if people want to stick around and come and grab their burgers and sit outside and enjoy the day that’s totally optional,” Hambleton said. “We welcome people to do that. If people want to pick up a burger to go or pick up a bunch of burgers for the whole office to take back we can definitely do that to.”

All proceeds from the BBQ, plus any donations, will go to YWCA Prince Albert and be used to provide help and support to our communities most vulnerable members.

“We have got eight different departments that operate in Prince Albert,” Hambleton explained. “All of our programs help out the most vulnerable members of our community, so that’s what we are raising money for.”

Hambleton said it is always great when any business or organization wants to organize a fundraiser.

“If somebody wants to do a one off we will happily accept any kind of community support and partner with organizations,” he said. “We love doing that…. Obviously, the Y benefits from it, but to have Mr. Mike’s say they feel really connected to this and it’s beneficial for us and the community and to have them say they would like to do this on a regular basis is just fantastic.”

He added that Mr. Mike’s has become a great supporter over the past few years.

“They are one of the sponsors for our Coldest Night of the Year event which we do in the wintertime and they have donated gift cards and stuff like that to different fundraiser auctions and stuff like that. Mr. Mike’s has been quite involved in supporting the YWCA’s efforts to help out and make our community a better place,” Hambleton said.

Hambleton thanked the community in advance for support.

“The YWCA is always extremely grateful for the help and support from organizations like Mr. Mike’s and as well as just regular everyday community members. Every little bit counts. Every little bit of support we get makes a difference to somebody who just a little bit of support can make all the difference in their lives,” Hambleton said.

“We hope to have everybody out to enjoy a tasty burger for a great cause on Monday. We hope to see the entire community there,” he added.