Mont St. Joseph Home honored with Samuel McLeod Business Award

Wayne Nogier of Mont St. Joseph Home after accepting the Non-Profit of the Year award. -- Jason Kerr/Daily Herald.

A special care home with roots in Prince Albert dating back to the 1950s was named Non-Profit of the Year during the 2022 Samuel McLeod Business Awards ceremony on Friday.

It was a recognition that Mont St. Joseph Home CEO Wayne Nogier said proves the organization is moving in the right direction.

“We were very humbled [and] excited,” said Nogier. “We don’t see this as the end point to our interaction in the community. We see this as a validation that this is the right way to go about living and working and being a part of the community.”

Mont St. Joseph Home beat out KIN Enterprises Inc. and YWCA Prince Albert for Non-Profit of the Year, a feat that was an unexpected but welcomed surprise.

“The other two candidates, YWCA and KIN Enterprises, they’re such incredible organizations that I quite honestly didn’t believe we were going to get it,” Nogier said. “We’re just really humbled to be even considered in that group with the other two, and then to win the award was incredible.”

Nogier contributes Mont St. Joseph’s success to the organization’s extensive work within the Prince Albert community over the past year.

“We really wanted to spend some time giving back and we made a really focused effort to show how we are a part of the fabric of Prince Albert,” said Nogier. “We felt it was vital to our success in our organization.”

A main focus of that work was ensuring that members of the community have an understanding about the depth of what St. Joseph does.

“Ensuring that we have that literacy out in the community, I have to believe that people recognize that and that’s what helped us win the award,” he said. “Anybody that is directly connected to Mont St. Joseph Home because they’ve got a family member here [or] because they volunteer here, they really know what we do and they’re active participants in our mission.”

Nogier made sure to thank everyone who made Mont St. Joseph’s win possible.

“I want to give thanks to the Chamber of Commerce and to the community of Prince Albert, and I want to give special thanks to KIN Enterprises and the YWCA for the work that they do in the community,” added Nogier. “I think that they’re integral to our society’s success.”